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Easy Instalinks

Unlock the full potential of Instagram with Easy Instalinks! Say goodbye to the limitations of a single bio link and harness FREE traffic with a customizable Bio Link Landing page. Whether you’re an influencer, affiliate marketer, or business owner, Easy Instalinks empowers you to direct traffic to multiple destinations, track performance, and retarget visitors. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take control of your Instagram Bio Link traffic and boost your online presence. Get started now and enjoy exclusive bonuses!

Easy Instalinks

What Is Easy Instalinks?

With its colossal 500 million daily users, Instagram has become a cornerstone for driving targeted, free traffic to boost online profits. However, the platform’s limitation of only allowing one link in your bio poses a significant obstacle. Easy Instalinks swoops in as a game-changer, enabling you to create an enticing Bio Link Landing page and regain control over where your Instagram Bio Link traffic flows. This tool is a versatile solution, offering features like a custom URL shortener, robust tracking and retargeting options, and pixel support for detailed analytics.

The process is as straightforward as logging in, creating a customized landing page, and publishing, providing a seamless experience to enhance results, engage followers, and amplify earnings with free Instagram traffic. Easy Instalinks eliminates the frustration of a single link, giving you the freedom to strategically redirect your traffic. Secure your discount now and unlock the full potential of Instagram for your business, saving $629 during this exclusive launch.

Easy Instalinks

Overview – Easy Instalinks

Product – Easy Instalinks
Vendor – Ryhan
Price – $10.95(One-Time Payment)
The Official Page – Click Here To Access
Affiliate Network – WarriorPlus
Bonus – Yes, Huge Bonus
Refund – (30-day money-back guarantee)
Product Type – Website Membership
Recommendation – Strongly Recommended!
My Rating – 9.8/10

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Key Features Of Easy Instalinks:

  • Bio-Link Landing Page: Easily create a stunning Bio Link Landing page to control your Instagram Bio Link traffic.
  • Multiple Messaging Options: Add several messaging options to your profile for better engagement and connection with your audience.
  • Business Promotion: For small businesses and affiliate marketers, Easy Instalinks allows you to promote recent products, discounts, flash sales, and announcements on your bio profile page.
  • Retargeting and Tracking: Retarget anyone who clicks on a link from your Installing page, providing you with valuable tracking and detailed traffic stats.
  • User-Friendly Dashboard: Access a simple, point-and-click InstaBio dashboard with no installation required.
  • Customization: Drag-and-drop customization for easy and quick personalization of your Bio Pages.
  • Link to Anything: Control your traffic by linking to various destinations, including other social media profiles, websites, affiliate links, and more.
  • Built-In Tracking and Pixel Support: Gain insights into your link performance and add tracking pixels for effective retargeting.
  • Custom URL Shortener: Built-in pixel-perfect URL shortener for branded links generation, allowing you to add tracking pixels and create custom audiences on multiple ad platforms.
  • Monetization Option: Choose to turn off the “powered by” footer button or monetize it by adding your affiliate link for extra earnings.
  • Cloud-Based Software: Access Easy Instalinks from any device with an internet connection, making it versatile and easy to use.
  • Passive Income Training: Includes training on how to make passive income using Easy Instalinks.
  • Bonus Features: Comes with additional bonuses, including an automated social poster, social media mastery training, and affiliate marketing secrets.
  • No Monthly Fees: One-time payment with no hidden costs or monthly fees.
  • Dedicated Support: 24/7 dedicated support for assistance.
  • Compatibility: Works on Mac, PC, tablet, and mobile devices.
  1. Easy Instalinks Lite: (Regular Price $297 But Today Only $12.95)
    • 1 Instagram Bio Profile
    • 20 branded links or URL shorteners
    • Powered by branding
    • Free regular updates
    • 24/7 dedicated support
  2. Premium: (Regular Price $297 But Today Only $19.95)
    • 5 Instagram Bio Profiles
    • 50 branded links or URL shorteners
    • Your own logo and custom branding
    • No footer/powered by branding
    • Free regular updates
    • 24/7 dedicated priority support
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Discover the Benefits of Easy Instalinks for Your Business:

E-commerce Store Owners:

Highlight your latest trending products, showcase discounts, and flash sales, and make announcements about your newest products directly on your bio profile page.

Social Media Influencers:

Easy Instalinks fulfills a crucial need for top influencers. It not only enables them to connect with their followers across various social platforms but also provides a platform to feature clients and promotional offers seamlessly.

Affiliate or Digital Marketers:

Gain a competitive edge as an affiliate marketer with Easy Instalinks. Connect with your audience on social media, and leverage the tool to shorten and optimize links for enhanced engagement and conversion.

For Traditional Brick and Mortar Businesses:

In the case where your business operates on appointments, such as a hair/nail salon or dental practice, make the most of Easy Instalinks to efficiently promote timely specials, provide enticing bonuses, and actively connect with both your visitors and clients.

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Unlock $397 In Bonuses For FREE:


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  • Gain more traffic, followers, and leads.

Automatically share your photos, stories, videos, and albums. Post the same content across multiple Instagram accounts. Schedule posts according to your preferences.


Embark on a comprehensive course in social media marketing on Instagram with our first-class training pack. Uncover the secrets of the pros to master growing your following and executing effective promos.

  • Delve into the ins and outs, avoiding common mistakes that all newbies must steer clear of.
  • Follow a valuable step-by-step guide to growing your brand on social media.


Arm yourself with powerful strategies and lesser-known methods to profit from affiliate marketing through social media.

  • Learn the art of growing email lists using social media.
  • Earn passive affiliate commissions.

Instagram stands as a pivotal brand awareness and sales tool, boasting one billion monthly active users, 60% of whom engage with the app daily. With such a vast audience at your fingertips, devising a strategy to maximize profits and revenue is imperative.

In Summary:

Easy Instalinks is presented as a solution to Instagram’s limitation of having only one bio link. It claims to empower users to control their Instagram bio link traffic through a customizable landing page. The tool allows linking to various destinations, including social profiles, websites, and affiliate links. It features a drag-and-drop editor, tracking, retargeting, and a custom URL shortener. The promotional material emphasizes the versatility of Easy Instalinks for businesses, influencers, and marketers. The pricing, presented as a launch special, offers a Lite version and a Premium version with varying features. Bonuses include an automated social poster and social media mastery training.

FAQ – Easy Instalinks:

1. What are Easy Instalinks? Easy Instalinks is a powerful tool designed to overcome the limitations of Instagram’s single bio link. It enables users, including influencers, affiliate marketers, and business owners, to create a customizable Bio Link Landing page, allowing them to direct traffic to multiple destinations, track performance, and retarget visitors effectively.

2. How do Easy Instalinks work? The process is simple. After logging in, users can create a personalized landing page using the drag-and-drop customization feature. The tool offers a user-friendly dashboard with no installation required, making it easy to enhance engagement, track performance, and redirect traffic strategically.

3. What features does Easy Instalinks offer? Key features include Bio-Link Landing Page creation, multiple messaging options, business promotion capabilities, retargeting, and tracking functionalities. The tool also provides a user-friendly dashboard, customization options, built-in tracking and pixel support, a custom URL shortener, and a monetization option.

4. Is there a refund policy? Yes, Easy Instalinks offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, providing users with a risk-free opportunity to explore and experience the benefits of the tool.

5. What kind of support is available for Easy Instalinks? Easy Instalinks provides 24/7 dedicated support for assistance, ensuring users have the help they need when using the tool.

6. Can I use Easy Instalinks on different devices? Yes, Easy Instalinks is a cloud-based software, making it accessible from any device with an internet connection. It is compatible with Macs, PCs, tablets, and mobile devices.

7. What bonuses are included with Easy Instalinks? Users can unlock $397 in bonuses, including an Automated Social Poster for streamlined social media campaigns, Social Media Mastery training for effective Instagram marketing, and Affiliate Marketing Secrets for profitable affiliate marketing through social media.


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